How to Prepare Your Downtown Toronto Condo for Sale

Are you planning to sell your downtown Toronto condo? Do you want to make as much as you can on your return on your investment? Preparing your downtown condo for sale the right way can have a large impact on what the condo sells for on the market.

Here, we outline some tips that help prepare your condo for the maximum return.


Perhaps the most obvious first step to preparing your condo for sale is to declutter. Try packing away a third of the items in your condo, getting rid of trinkets, magazines, newspapers, remote controls, etc. Pack away any clusters of photographs or small décor items that are cramping surfaces. 

Remove as many personal items, like university degrees, sports trophies and any artworks that aren’t neutral: your prospective buyers need to imagine themselves in the space, and items like these are going to prevent them from doing so. 

And don’t simply toss everything into closets and storage areas, as prospective buyers will still want to look in these spaces as well.

The point here though is not merely to make the space look tidy – that’s important, of course, but the real move here is to open up your space and make it appear larger than it actually is. Keep only the necessary items, trying to purge your space of the excess. Prepare to donate items and throw items away, and anything you can’t afford to get rid of we suggest you rent a self-storage unit to hold those items while your condo is listed.

Fresh Paint

One of the most economical ways to breathe new life into your condo is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Now, you are painting for buyers, not for yourself, so you need to chose neutral colours to appeal to a wider audience: white, off-white, greys and beiges are the best. These neutral colours tend to open up spaces and, again, make them appear larger than they really are.

Make it Clean

Of course, cleaning your downtown condo is going to be important. So much so, that we believe it is worth hiring a professional cleaning company to provide your condo with a deep clean, getting in and behind appliances, getting at the grout behind the toilets and getting all the little bits of grime that inevitably builds up in any living space. 

Make it Bright

Bright rooms are not only more inviting, but they also look bigger. Make sure every light in every room has a working bulb. We suggest even replacing light fixtures that are dated with new, modern ones. If pot lights are a possibility, then do it: every home buyer covets pot lights!

The First Impression

Within the first 15-30 seconds inside your condo, your prospective buyer is likely to have already decided on whether they can live in the space. It is very important therefore to try to knock their socks off as soon as they enter. A centre table with beautiful flower arrangement, an incredible work of art, a unique piece of furniture, a large mirror with character – all of these can grab their attention when they walk in the door, so set up a first impression that really intrigues. 

Finally, it is equally important to hire a real estate agent with experience in selling downtown Toronto condos. Reza Afshar is one of Toronto’s premiere downtown condo real estate agents, with top sales for 15 consecutive years. Contact him today here.

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