Add Value To Your Downtown Toronto Condo With These Cost-Efficient Updates

By: Reza Afshar

Add Value To Your Downtown Toronto Condo With These Cost-Efficient Updates

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Downtown Toronto condo sellers who want to sell at top dollar are more likely to do so if they invest in smart updates that add value to their property. However, this is easier said than done. It is not wise to invest too much in a condo; one is going to leave soon, so sellers need to determine which features are worth their while. Throwing oneself into too expensive remodeling endeavors may not generate the desired ROI.

On the other hand, to compete in the vibrant Toronto real estate market, sellers need to make sure their condo is appealing and attractive to condo buyers. To find the right balance, sellers need a well-defined budget and carefully determine how to use it to increase their condo’s value. Focusing on highly functional and visual condo features is a good start. Here are some ideas on how to combine aesthetics with function at a small cost when prepping your Downtown Toronto condo for sale.

Touch up the bathroom
The bathroom is one of the key rooms in every home. It’s usually the center of attention during home showings, so it deserves some attention when prepping your condo for sale. Since it would make little financial sense to remodel the entire bathroom, focus on features that are highly useful and aesthetically appealing. For example, new stainless-steel faucets or new cabinetry, a stylish bath rug, or new lighting fixtures will complement the bathroom in a several ways. Such small updates don’t come with a high price tag, but they are extremely efficient in giving your bathroom a dashing look and impress one or the other buyer.                          
Invest in small kitchen updates
The kitchen is the heart of each condo, and together with the bathroom, it is among the biggest ROI drivers when it comes to selling real estate. Still, there is no need to go overboard with the reno works; make sure your kitchen looks decent, fresh, functional and is well-equipped. Today’s Downtown Toronto condo buyers are big fans of functionality, so appliances like the stove, dishwasher, or microwave need to be in top condition.  Make sure they work meticulously, and to  top it all off, get one of the stylish new-age   appliances like a high-performance blender,   smoothie maker, or even a great coffee  machine to add a sophisticated   touch.

Getting new stainless faucets, and maybe, a new marble or granite countertop is another investment that increases kitchen  appeal and adds value. Repainting kitchen   cabinets will further improve aesthetics at a very low cost.

Add storage space
Extra storage space in Downtown Toronto condos is a highly appreciative feature as everyone dreams of tackling the never-ending clutter. Furniture with smart storage solutions and hidden compartments are highly convenient and are usually worth the investment. Extra shelves, space-efficient shoe storage, and additional hooks will not go unnoticed with Toronto condo buyers. Clever storage solutions are highly associated with easier upkeep, a neat and organized lifestyle, and every condo buyer is looking for as much as they can get. Make sure to take advantage of this valuable feature.
Make use of the balcony
The majority of Downtown Toronto condos come with a balcony, and if you are one of the many Toronto condo owners with their own outdoor space, use it as a top-selling feature. Whether you have a great view or not, make sure to utilize your balcony to demonstrate to potential condo buyers all the benefits of outdoor space. Place a few cozy chairs and a table, and considering the current weather, add warm blankets, or perhaps, nice cushions to let potential condo buyers know that they can get fresh air in a cozy environment any time they feel like it. If you have a gorgeous view, it will make an even better impression.

Homebuyers value more the features that are easily accessible and used daily, so make the best out of your most prominent selling features. Making sure every room has something to show for in terms of functionality and aesthetics is the perfect formula to catch the attention of condo buyers and add value to your condo.
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