How Is Having A Balcony Or Terrace Helping Residents During Covid-19 In Downtown Toronto?

By: Reza Afshar

How Is Having A Balcony Or Terrace Helping Residents During Covid-19 In Downtown Toronto?

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Social distancing measures and stay at home policies have had a tremendous impact on the daily routines and lifestyle of each Downtown Toronto condo resident.  Confined to their condo more than ever, many people miss the outside world and the freedom they used to enjoy.
Kids are not going to school, many people switched to working from home, so it can get easily crowded over the day with household members bumping into each other. Looking for fresh air and a moment to be alone, many Downtown Toronto residents have found a new appreciation for their balcony/terrace and the value it brings. Having a nice balcony or terrace comes in pretty handy in a time like this.  

Balconies and terraces have always been a top must-have for Toronto condo buyers who always considered it a priority to have their very own outdoor space. However, balconies were also often called the least utilized space in a home or condo, but with the crisis growing, we have come to realize how significant they actually can be. Here is how terraces and balconies make life more bearable and easier under the current circumstances in Downtown Toronto. 

Balconies and terraces are a safe way to get fresh air
With recommendations to stay inside, it is nice to have an outdoor corner where you can get some fresh air and vitamin D without worrying you are going to catch the virus.  Observing the city streets and the buildings, having brunch with family, taking in the view, doing yoga, etc., will also have a positive effect. Spending time on your terrace or balcony will elevate your mood and it will positively affect your mental health. Having a balcony or terrace often means feeling more connected to the outside world as one can walk out anytime and feel the city’s energy from high up.

Balconies and terraces let more natural light in
With everyone locked away in their homes, it is nice to have much natural light come in. Being exposed to natural sunlight comes with many health benefits, e.g., it reduces depression, improves sleep, boosts energy, etc., so make sure to open up your drapes, even if you do not have a balcony or terrace.

It is the perfect outdoor space for a personal hideout
With the majority working from home now, most Downtown Toronto condo residents are “stuck” with their family, partner or roommate around the clock which makes it difficult to catch a break once in a while. Personal space seems like a luxury sometimes. With no place to escape the household traffic, many have converted their terrace or balcony to a hideout where they can enjoy a silent moment of peace before they are ready to rejoin their loved ones.

Balconies and terraces provide for extra storage space
With the office life moving right into the living room, many people felt the need to set up a makeshift office in their Downtown Toronto condo. This means that they had to give up on space and move some stuff around to create the perfect work environment. To avoid clutter and things lying around, using the balcony or terrace as a temporary storage places is a great idea. Pack up some of the items that are in the way and move them to the balcony/terrace. After all, you will be able to function better in a tidy and neat place, so make sure everything is in the right place.
Balconies and terraces have always added value to a condo in the Downtown Toronto real estate market, but looking at the benefits it offers in a real crisis and how residents are appreciative of it, we may get to see them play an even bigger real estate role in the future. For more info on Downtown Toronto condos, real estate info and advice, contact Reza Afshar here.