How To Pull Off Feng Shui Living in Downtown Toronto?

By: Reza Afshar

How To Pull Off Feng Shui Living in Downtown Toronto?


The old Chinese philosophy of Feng shui is all about finding the right balance and harmony between elements to achieve success, maintain healthy relationships, improve our physical and mental well-being by optimizing our living space through positive seamless energy flow. Such an ideology found its way easily in the modern Western world and many modern homes, including Downtown Toronto condos. Often going beyond ordinary comfort and aesthetics, Feng shui living revolves around energy that we can create by combining the right colours, objects and furniture pieces.

Living in a big city centre like Downtown Toronto often means a busy daily routine for most residents, so creating a Feng shui oasis in your condo may be a good idea to take a break from the stressful daily routine. Those who incorporate Feng shui into their homes believe it is a great way of living healthier by acquiring a holistic approach to life.   Here is how it works.

How does Feng shui work?
In Feng shui, each area of the home carries a special energy that represents an aspect of our life. To illustrate how these energy fields work, take a look at the main tool used in Feng shui -  the Bagua map. The Bagua map indicates how these energy fields correlate to our living space.


Now, to incorporate the living space, all you need is your layout/floor plan.  Simply place it over the Bagua grid to see which room falls into which square. Make sure the entrance starts at the bottom as indicated on the map. Depending on your layout, some squares may cover two rooms or none at all. For detailed interpretations in such instances, check YouTube for a detailed layout Feng shui reading. 

How to incorporate the 5 Feng shui symbols?
Looking at the Bagua map, we can see the five Feng shui elements circulating across the squares: wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Each one of them symbolizes an integral part of our personality. By incorporating them into our living space, we can spur our growth and development. Here is how Feng shui masters suggest you can make use of them:

- Fire stands for passion and energy (add candles and red items to incorporate this symbol into your life)
  • - Metal for intelligence and logic (add figurines, metal objects)
  • - Water represents serenity and wisdom (mirrors and surfaces with reflections)
  • - Wood symbolizes creativity and growth (add wooden furniture pieces and plants)
  • - Earth is for stability and balance (rocks and crystals)

How to make it happen in your home?
Once you’ve figured out which rooms correlate to which energy fields, and how Feng shui symbolism works, you can start decorating or updating your place. Let me walk you through a few examples of how the corresponding elements and colours claim to enhance the energy flow in your condo.

To enhance your wealth, for example (the first field on the Bagua map), you would put objects of material value (like a laptop, jewellery, etc.)  in the corresponding space as well as items in the colours we see listed in each square on the Bagua map. You can clearly see that purple, green and gold objects or items are very welcome in the area that centres around wealth and power. It is suggested that you avoid keeping bills or trashcans in that particular area for a better effect.  

The family area symbolizes the happiness level and growth your family brings to us, and to keep the energy strong, you can, for example, use wooden items (i.e., a furniture piece), floral patterns and lots of light. Green, gold and blue are the recommended colours.  Bonus tip: According to Feng shui practices, avoid metal objects in this area.

In the same manner, tall items, any awards and recognition items, as well as the colour red should be accentuated in the area that depicts fame. This field represents who you are and how you see yourself. Bonus tip: Stay away from dark colors and heavy objects in this area.
And, the most important Feng shui rule of all is to keep your living space clutter-free and allow for fresh air and plenty of light. It is the essence of healthy living.

Feng shui living comes down to using furniture that harmonizes with the space and the surrounding pieces and objects. Every item has a purpose and brings its own value to the table, helping the positive energy flow circulate through the home.

Feng shui is an interesting concept, a mixture of modern minimalism and spiritual belief that promotes a supportive environment for physical and mental well-being.

I often get asked about Feng shui design and what staging techniques sell a Toronto condo for the best possible price. Today’s design trends often incorporate elements of Feng shui but having it set up perfectly for Feng shui will not necessarily result in a higher sales price. I always suggest keeping a well-balanced, clutter-free home that is inviting and warm to guests so they have the sense of feeling at home as soon as they walk through the door.

For more info on the topic or tips on setting up your home, feel free to contact me.