How to Sell Toronto Condos Despite Coronavirus - Selling Tips

By: Reza Afshar

How to Sell Toronto Condos Despite Coronavirus - Selling Tips

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In the new world we are faced with today, it is to no surprise that virtual tours are a must in order to sell Toronto Condos. Coronavirus has changed the way real estate is sold and I want to go through some important factors to consider when selling your Toronto Condo post COVID-19 Lockdown.


At Portfolio Realty, we have been doing virtual tours and 3D Walk-through tours for more than a decade. As we market listings all across Canada and internationally, we know the value of virtually showcasing a condo. Because there is more of a focus on capturing the interest of a buyer through virtual tours and photos, I want to share some of my tips to help sellers.


Condo Board Restrictions 


Condo buildings now have restrictions for the number of condo visits and showings that can take place for selling or leasing purposes. Some buildings have also imposed time restrictions for any viewings. It is important to contact your condo management to find out any new guidelines or rules that could effect the sale of your condo and you can plan accordingly.


Vacate the Condo you are Selling


To reduce your risk to exposure, I prefer my sellers vacate their condo unit for a short period of time to allow for visits from potential buyers. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, I realize that this can be difficult as some sellers will not have an alternative place to stay. Sellers should note that buyers must wear masks and are instructed not touch any surfaces while visiting the unit. Having hand sanitizer by the entrance and using disinfectant wipes for surfaces such as door knobs after showings helps to reduce exposure.


* Note for Investors selling or leasing their Toronto condo - If you are planning on selling a unit that is tenanted, I advise my clients to give tenants the required notice of 60 day termination of lease and wait until they vacate the unit before selling. This will eliminate the risk and any liability from the tenant making a claim of contracting the virus from any showings. For ease of access, this will also ensure that there will not be any showing restrictions caused by the tenant.


Repairs and Fix-ups


More than ever does your condo need to be in pristine picture perfect condition. I suggest to do a deep clean of your condo and make any repairs and fix-ups to the unit so that the unit shows clean and beautiful. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour is also a great idea!


Staging Your condo for Sale


Sellers will want to design their condo to look like it is fit for a design magazine. You want to captivate buyers and show your unit to its maximum potential. Removing clutter and personal items will reduce distractions and have buyers focus on the features of your condo. Whenever possible, I use professional stagers to stage a condo for sale. Having the right sized condo furniture, minimalistic design with interior design finishes, helps to create a picturesque story. If staging is not in your budget, make sure to have proper bedding and to include some decorative items to make your condo feel cozy, warm and well put together. I can provide suggestions for furniture layout as well suggestions in making your condo look its best.


All in the details


Buyers first see your condo through pictures. Only then if they are intrigued by the pictures, do they move on to a virtual tour. Telling a story and capturing small details within the condo unit will set your listing apart from others. Bringing a picture to life by turning on the stove or the faucet, can give a buyer an experience by just looking at a photograph. I also like to use one bold item in the unit that give buyers a reference to remember your unit. If they are searching through many online listings, you do not want your unit to be forgotten. By having a bold or rememberable feature will keep your unit top of mind. See my page on Staging and design details for more tips!


High Quality Photos and Virtual Tour


I am always amazed when I go through listings on MLS and see condos for sale that do not display any images or use low quality photos taken by a phone. Having a professional photographer capture your unit with the best possible light and angles is key to a successful sale. Also more important than ever, it is important to include a virtual tour allowing buyers to walk through your condo or home without actually visiting it in person. This will ensure that the buyers who are making an in person visit are serious as they already have a good idea of the flow and layout of your unit.  To view an example of a high quality virtual tour of a beautifully staged downtown Toronto condo, click here


Thinking of Selling your Toronto condo or home?


The selling process has changed and I have adapted strict safety measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process of buying or selling Toronto condos. Given COVID-19, I restrict the number of in person contact meetings and have moved more to video conferencing as much as possible however make sure I am always available throughout the whole process. 


If you are interested in selling your Toronto Condo, contact Reza today! Despite new COVID-19 restrictions, I continue to effectively sell Toronto Condos. In this environment, circumstances exist where people still need to move so more than ever I employ an aggressive online marketing strategy guaranteeing maximum exposure.  You can be assured by my 20 year proven track record as a top downtown Toronto condo broker backed by almost 2000 sales transactions.


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