How To Set Up A Home Office In Your Downtown Toronto Condo?

By: Reza Afshar

How To Set Up A Home Office In Your Downtown Toronto Condo?

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Even though working from home has been around for some time, it has gained new significance since the COVID 19 outbreak as more businesses switched to this work model. Shifting to remote work has many Toronto condo dwellers working from their bedrooms, living or dining rooms, but many have decided to set up a makeshift home office to keep clear boundaries between their professional and personal life. Soon enough we will return to our workplaces and socialize with colleagues but finding a temporary solution that helps to get through the workday at home will help. 
Thanks to today's great design ideas and some creativity, work stations do not require too much dedicated space and they work perfectly fine in smaller condos. Even if you live in a Downtown Toronto studio, you will probably be able to fit in a work corner with a bit of effort and compact furniture. Here is what you need to consider if you want to build a work zone in your Downtown Toronto condo.
Optimize your space to include a home office
You may not have an entire room to dedicate to an office, especially if you live in a Downtown Toronto one-bedroom or studio, but with today's great design ideas, you can make an office almost anywhere in your home. It just requires a bit of creativity and the right furniture and equipment. In the best case, you will already have an empty corner that is just perfect for a work station, but even if not, rearranging the furniture and getting rid of unnecessary clutter will probably suffice to make room for your office equipment and supplies.
The most popular choices are setting up a compact desk and chair near the window or making use of a corner in the living room. If your place is really small, you can also consider a wall-mounted floating desk that can be folded up and down. Some Toronto condo dwellers even opt to purchase a room divider to keep their private and professional life more separate.  

Choose a good place for your work station
You will need a place where you can fully concentrate and do your best work, so make sure to minimize any distractions that could occur. Pick a spot in your condo space with a good internet connection, enough natural daylight, solid heating/air condition, and a low noise level.
Opt for the right office furniture
If your job requires you to sit in front of the computer all day (and it probably does if you work from home), make sure to pick an ergonomic chair and a desk of the appropriate height, and perhaps, opt for an adjustable one where you can alternate between standing and sitting. Switching your position during the workday helps you stay focused longer and alleviates back pain.


Decorate to boost productivity
Even though décor is more of a matter of personal style and taste, consider incorporating elements that are known to boost productivity. When it comes to picking the right colours, it is more beneficial to choose the ones that have a subconsciously calming effect on us. For example, blue and green are often associated with better focus, higher productivity and relaxation, while yellow is linked to sparking creativity and getting people energized. Strong intense colours could be a bit too distracting, so you might want to avoid them.   
The lighting can also affect your mood and eyes, so if you do not get plenty of natural light at your workstation, opt for softer lights or lamps. Avoid fluorescent and harsh lighting as it is more likely to strain your eyes.
Placing a plant on the desk and other office knick-knacks of your choice can make you feel more inspired to do your work, given that they add a personal touch, which is always nice in a work setting.
The search for Downtown Toronto condos with potential office space has increased lately, and if you are also looking for a nice Downtown Toronto condo with a lovely work corner or office, make sure contact or call Reza Afshar 416.888.7367.