Living In A Downtown Toronto Condo During COVID-19? What Are Condo Associations Doing To Stop The Spread?

By: Reza Afshar

Living In A Downtown Toronto Condo During COVID-19? What Are Condo Associations Doing To Stop The Spread?

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Living in a Downtown Toronto condo during the COVID-19 pandemic means sharing common areas and amenities with hundreds of other condo dwellers every day, which makes condo living a bit more challenging at this uncertain time. And while condo dwellers do whatever they can at the individual level to protect themselves, they are also glad to see their condo management boards do their part to contain the virus spread. Masks, gloves and sanitizers available at the entrance and the smell of disinfectants in the air in the majority of condo buildings are clear indicators that the Downtown Toronto condo associations are actively participating in the battle against the virus spread. Here are some of the most common rules adopted by condo buildings in Downtown Toronto to keep their condo communities safe.

Condo associations increased hygiene 
Condo buildings (still) urge their residents to wash their hands frequently, use hand sanitizers after touching public surfaces, and wear masks while using shared condo amenities, such as the lobby or elevators. Cleaning and disinfection were also taken up a notch, usually taking place two or more times a day at most condos, whereas frequently touched door handles, surfaces, elevator buttons and high-traffic areas are disinfected several times a day.  

Downtown Toronto condo associations raise awareness among condo dwellers 
To help people follow the best practices, most condo reception desks offer gloves, masks and hand sanitizers to their residents and visitors, which helps everyone keep up with the recommendations and guidelines within the Toronto condo communities


Most condo buildings put up signs to manage traffic through shared areas and amenities, e.g., restricting elevator use to up to 3 people at a time and advising residents to keep a 6-feet distance while they are in the lobby, waiting for the elevator, etc. Social distancing signs are highlighted and are found in visible places, like at the entrance or next to the elevators, to further keep people from mingling in larger groups. 

Condo associations restricted usage of shared spaces and amenities 
As certain condo amenities are allowed to reopen in Downtown Toronto, the condo associations make sure to meet the sanitary requirements and keep social distancing rules in place, especially if it’s indoor amenities. Amenities such as pools and terraces (which have been recently reopened) operate at a lower capacity, so we will often see them half-empty. 

Condo amenity users are also put on a time schedule, so their time spent at a shared amenity is limited, sometimes even to just one hour. Condo associations also make sure that there is enough time in-between groups to clean and disinfect properly. Gyms and other higher-in-risk amenities, like saunas, remain still closed. 

Visitors and guests cannot be prohibited from visiting 
Family and friend visits have decreased ever since the pandemic occurred, but generally speaking, you are allowed to have guests. Condo management and its staff do not have the authority to screen the people who enter the building, making it pretty hard to impose a “residents only” policy during the pandemic. However, most Downtown Toronto condo buildings put up a notice to discourage potentially infectious guests and visitors from entering the buildings (people who just got back from abroad or people who have been in contact with an infected person, etc.), so they still do what they can to keep outside contacts limited. 

Home deliveries
Home deliveries increased during the lockdown, and there have been many debates on how to manage them. While many delivery services offer contactless deliveries, i.e., leaving the packages in front of the condo unit to limit contact, many condo associations were reluctant to let non-essential visitors/delivery persons walk through the building’s hallways. As a result, different condos employ different delivery policies. While all condos allow for doorstep deliveries to people who tested positive for COVID-19 or are self-isolating, as well as for essential deliveries like food and medication, many of them designated a pick-up/drop-off area (mostly in the lobby) for non-essential deliveries. Many buildings with concierge services also have the concierge handle deliveries on behalf of the condo dwellers

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