The Perks Of Living With Kids In A Downtown Toronto Condo

By: Reza Afshar

The Perks Of Living With Kids In A Downtown Toronto Condo

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For a long time, young urban professionals and empty-nesters were the ones mostly associated with the Toronto condo lifestyle, but looking today at the many families living in the beautiful Downtown Toronto high, mid and low rise condos or even lofts,  it becomes obvious that the condo lifestyle has evolved to suit the needs of entire families of up to four or five.

While the competitive real estate market may be one of the reasons young families started seeking out the more affordable condo market, many of today’s Downtown Toronto condo buyers are also looking to maintain their comfy city lifestyle even after starting a family. Land developers have also noticed the increasing demand for condos among buyers with children, so we see family condos popping up in the city more than ever before.   

Besides being more affordable than detached or townhouses, the family condo lifestyle comes with a bunch of other perks, especially if you live in the Downtown Toronto area where practically everything you need is just around the corner. Many Downtown Toronto millennial homebuyers, who embrace the big city life, prefer the compact Downtown condos abundant in amenities over a spacious house in the suburbs, and here is why:

Great amenities for children within the building
Many Downtown Toronto condos nowadays have dedicated spaces for their youngest residents, like well-equipped play areas or homework areas for school children. Condos that come with a shared theatre room frequently organize kids’ movie screenings or movie nights for the entire family.  Buildings with pools often offer swimming lessons which is yet another highlight for the young ones. Many parents have discovered that the many charms that come with the condo life make it a perfect environment to raise a family.


The condo layout works great for small children
Downtown Toronto families may have to make small adjustments due to limited space and be creative when it comes to storage solutions, but the simple and uncomplicated condo layouts help when watching small children, especially toddlers. Most Downtown Toronto condos have no stairs which comes in pretty handy when small children are around, plus, parents are mostly able to hear their little ones from all parts of the condo unit, which makes it easier to keep an eye on them.
Many Downtown Toronto parents love that they are surrounded by a range of amenities, whether it’s a store, a park, a nursery or the doctor’s office.  Being able to run errands without needing a car is a true blessing for most parents. Young urban families living in Downtown Toronto also enjoy having the ability to take the kids to visit the local attractions without much planning in advance.
Plenty of space for special events
Downtown Toronto condos mostly offer spacious party rooms, barbecue areas with picnic tables and terraces/decks which are suitable for hosting kids’ birthday parties and other events. Having access to shared spaces saves lots of time and energy, as parents do not have to go through the extra hassle of cleaning and adjusting their condo for special events or worry about their furniture being damaged when they are hosting a party.

Condo communities help kids and parents to bond with others
Parents often organize play dates for the little ones within the building which gives the youngsters an opportunity to make childhood friends and socialize with their peers, and parents get a few hours off they can use to themselves unless it is their turn to chaperone the playgroup. Parents also connect on Facebook and other social media platforms to share useful information on various topics or to organize different activities, like trick or treating visits on Halloween. Small gestures like these give families living in a condo in a big city a sense of belongingness and security, helping them to form strong relationships and build life-long friendships.
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