The Toronto Waterfront – What Are The Best Perks

By: Reza Afshar

The Toronto Waterfront – What Are The Best Perks

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Toronto Waterfront is a joined effort supported by all three levels of government (City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada) to make use of the post-industrial non-utilized land along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario. By the end, the project will cover 1/3 of Toronto's entire waterfront that will be turned into usable and beautiful communities with exclusive amenities, mixed-use buildings, business areas, and carefully planned public spaces. Whether you are looking to buy a condo to live in or invest in one, the Toronto Waterfront is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for incredible housing solutions we have never seen before in Toronto. Here are just some of the features that characterize the area.

Smart-technology inspired living
Living in the 21st century in Downtown Toronto will take on another shape once some of the most ambitious Waterfront projects are completed, like for example, the Quayside smart community at the eastern waterfront. Envisioned as a sophisticated master-planned community, it combines architecture, high tech and eco-friendly solutions to create a better and enhanced lifestyle fit for the modern man. The project envisions low carbon homes, smart space optimization, noise and pollution controls and lots of green spaces that connect the community. Find out more about Quayside here.

Multi-purpose and easily adjustable solutions everywhere
Land developers and the masterminds behind Waterfront Toronto want to create a space that quickly adapts to the fast-changing needs of today's society. Modular pavements, for example, will allow turning a busy street into a play zone for kids in just a few minutes. The highly flexible system will maximize the use of public space in a very efficient way. The same goes for buildings which we will be able to repurpose from one day to the next. Imagine a commercial building turning into a residential and vice versa in just one day. The adaptability of buildings and streetscape at such a high level will have an immense effect on everyday life, as well as businesses.


Communities equipped for an ultra-modern and healthy lifestyle
The Waterfront Toronto communities and new waterfront Toronto condos are promising examples of an integrated and well-planned area with an accent on sociability and a healthy lifestyle. All of them will feature lots of parks, green spaces, walking and biking trails, as well as shared amenities to encourage physical activity and social hangouts.

Let's take for example the emerging neighbourhood of East Bayfront where one quarter of the community consists of boardwalks along the water shore, Canada's Sugar Beach, and parks, and they all contribute to a better quality of life in the area.  We can expect to see similar all-around developments in the future, like Villiers Island, another Waterfront Toronto project in Portlands that will come to life in the upcoming years.

Affordable housing in almost all communities
The Toronto Waterfront is a highly sophisticated project that will include equally sophisticated homes, but the city has planned for affordable housing all along the way. For example, out of the 6,000 Toronto condos in East Bayfront, 1,200 are affordable residences, and with new projects coming along, there will be even more units. 
The Toronto Waterfront revitalization project is a vision of a modern, self-sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable Toronto area to live, work and play. The ambitious project started two decades ago, but it is slowly gaining shape of a highly modern and well-utilized space that will benefit the community, the City of Toronto and Canada as a whole.

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