What Are The Best Small Inexpensive Updates For Your Downtown Toronto Condo?

By: Reza Afshar

What Are The Best Small Inexpensive Updates For Your Downtown Toronto Condo?

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Condo renos and makeovers do not have to be big and expensive to give your Downtown Toronto condo a polished look. If your condo is in decent condition, touching up on small details can work wonders, especially if you want to list your condo and are looking for a way to sell at the best price without overspending on updates.

Little changes can have a big impact on your overall condo value, and small tweaks and tricks can make your condo unit look almost as good as new. Here are some tips you can use to convert your Downtown Toronto condo into a cozy, neat place and make it stand out.
Invest in hooks, shelf space and closet organizers
Great storage options are some of the most desirable features in Downtown Toronto condos, so space optimization should be high on your list to increase condo appeal. The most budget-friendly solutions to tackle these issues are closet organizers, additional hooks, racks and shelves.

Condo entryways are usually an excellent area to add more storage. Hidden compartments, for example, work especially well in entryways, as they are ideal for hiding all the coats, jackets, hats, umbrellas, training equipment, shoes, etc.

Consider also adding racks, wonder clothes hangers and additional drawers to the bedroom closet to maximize space optimization. With the clutter stored away, your condo will look neat and more organized and inviting, which automatically reflects on its value.

Invest in mirrors and glass surfaces
If your condo is limited in space, and it somehow always seems a bit crowded, you can make it appear visually bigger by adding glass surfaces. For example, glass shelves and a shower glass (instead of a shower curtain) in the bathroom or a glass table in the living or dining room work very well, especially in confined spaces. They let small spaces “breathe”, and they add a touch of elegance. Mirrors are also a great way to make rooms look bigger. Apart from the bathroom, Downtown Toronto condo buyers like to see them in hallways and bedrooms.
Replace old hardware on doors and kitchen cabinets
If your doors, closets and cabinets are in a decent condition, you can simply spruce them up by replacing old hardware knobs and handles. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and they will make a difference, making your cabinetry, closets and doors look fresher, whether you go for gold, silver or brass.
Add a new kitchen backsplash 
You may not be able to afford a complete kitchen makeover, but focusing on a few key details can make a big difference. One of the great kitchen features is certainly the backsplash, and investing in a new one is highly recommended, especially if your current backsplash is outdated.

You can go for the very trendy yet very functional glass sheet kitchen backsplash that comes in many colours or the classic ceramic tiles (which come in many price ranges, so you can choose in line with your budget). Just make sure your new backsplash matches your kitchen style and colours for a better overall effect. (For more info on kitchen and other renos, click here).

Lighting fixtures
Lighting fixtures add a lot of charm and character to a place, and subsequently, they increase value, so make sure to invest in lamps, ceiling lighting, balcony lighting fixtures, etc., to set the right condo atmosphere. Lighting fixtures today come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, so you will have a wide variety of choices. Make sure, though, that they complement the furniture and style of each room.
Smaller updates like these can turn your Downtown Toronto condo into a desirable and profitable listing, but since each condo is different and has different qualities, it is the best to work with a  real estate agent to discuss your options. You can contact Reza Afshar here to find out more about the market value of your unit and what you can do to highlight your condo features in the best way.