Lending Options: What Does A Mortgage Broker Do For You?

By: Reza Afshar

Lending Options: What Does A Mortgage Broker Do For You?

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One of the fundamental things Downtown Toronto condo buyers ponder about is how much home they can afford. Getting a mortgage is often the only way for many Toronto homebuyers to become homeowners. It is only natural that they will be looking for the best mortgage deals and the best lenders they can find to minimize their costs. However, the mortgage shopping process can be confusing and daunting, so to save time and avoid bad deals, many homebuyers turn to mortgage brokers.

Going through a mortgage broker can indeed be the best approach, and not only because they will give you access to some of the best offers, but also because homebuyers are looking for a knowledgeable advisor and guidance through the process. They need someone who has the required expertise to break down all the peculiarities for them and tell them how lenders work. Aside from not having to pay for the service, here are several other things that make brokers a wise choice to secure your mortgage under the best terms and conditions.

Offers from multiple lenders at one place
Going to a traditional lender for a mortgage loan means being presented with the packages and rates only offered by that particular lender without any insight into the rates, terms and conditions of other lenders. A mortgage broker, on the other hand, works with dozens of lending institutions, which means they can present you with a variety of options, mortgage packages and hundreds of loans of different lenders. They work as a one-stop-shop service where you get information on multiple lenders, which saves time and energy. Many condo buyers also say that the rate they got from a broker was better than what they were able to find on their own.

Beyond interest rates: mortgage brokers discuss with you all costs involved  
Most homebuyers are focused on getting a lower interest rate. Still, there is so much more to the mortgage terms and conditions, like mortgage loan processing costs, insurance, penalty fees, and other so-called hidden costs. Homebuyers need to know these things before they sign on the dotted line of their mortgage contract. A loan officer at the bank may walk you through these details, but to gain full understanding of how it works, it is a good idea to involve a mortgage broker to be in the clear with all the details like the repayment plan, amortization schedule, how much principal and how much interest you pay on the monthly basis, how the proportion of interest to principal changes over the years, etc. With a committed mortgage broker, you will know exactly which deal is the right for you without missing out on a better one.


Not fitting the standard pattern? Mortgage brokers cater to your circumstances
Homebuyers primarily seek our mortgage lenders because they want the best and most favourable deals they probably would not be able to get.  Having someone handle the mortgage application, advise them and teach them about the tricks of the mortgage industry is what elevates the homebuyer’s experience in the end. However, since there are many mortgage lenders in Downtown Toronto, condo buyers need to do their homework and find a reputable and experienced broker who is known for their work. Your real estate agent can provide you with a list of reliable names as they probably already work with a few who have an excellent reputation. For more information on Downtown Toronto condos and mortgage brokers, contact me here.