Determining the Price for your Condo

When it comes to selling, the single most important decision you will make with your Real Estate Agent is determining the right asking price for your condo. Competition among Condos in Toronto is now greater than ever before and you want to maximize exposure and make sure your property is not left on the sidelines.

Looking at comparable listings and a sales history of units in your building will help in this process. Many sellers are emotional with the value of their property but it is important to be realistic. Asking more than your property is worth will not help you to achieve the end result. Over valued properties sit on the market and carrying costs start to add up quickly. It is also important to realize that overpriced properties will not be approved for mortgages as banks will do an appraisal and buyers will not qualify for an over priced property.

Once we've achieved a realistic sales price, I will market your condo with my 18 step marketing plan to make sure your condo will sell for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. I will bring buyers to your door!

Benefits to Pricing Your Condo Right

  1. Your property is exposed to more qualified buyers and therefore sells more quickly
  2. A price closer to market value brings higher offers as buyers take your property seriously
  3. Your condo doesn't lose its "marketability" and excitement
  4. A well-priced condo can generate competing offers.
  5. Agents will be enthusiastic about presenting your condo to potential buyers.

Find Out what Your Condo or Loft Is Worth

For a current market analysis of your home please feel free to take advantage of a Free Condo Evaluation.

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