Staging - All in the Details!

I have been selling real estate for almost 20 years and I cannot stress enough about the importance of staging. When selling your Toronto condos, staging can increase the final sale price and can also decrease the amount of time it takes to sell your property.

Staging is about creating an optimal space that appeals to the type of buyer in mind for the property. Here are some of the tips I use when it comes to staging my listings for sale.

Staging Tips

  1. Use a light coloured furniture and light materials like glass and mirror to allow the eye travel around the room and make each room appear as large as possible.
  2. Use the right size furniture for the space but make sure that it still high end quality furniture. If you are selling a Toronto Condo, make sure to use Condo size furniture so that large pieces do not overwhelm a space.
  3. Maximize the use of spaceshowing multiplepossibilities of enjoyment.
  4. Consistent neutral colour palette with a single pop of colour
  5. Set the stage and tell a story - Create a space that buyers can envision themselves in the space. I always recommend setting the table or breakfast bar with plate settings to give a lived in look.
  6. All in the details - decorative items are important. Don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom spaces! Often I also have the inside of a fridge staged with fancy bottles of water and soft drinks and lemons and limes.
  7. Create the look of a perfect lifestyle. Having everything neat and organized make the condo unit more desirable to buyers. If the unit is not vacant, make sure your closets are picture perfect and organized by colour and types of articles of clothing.

Selling real estate is more than selling a piece of property. It is selling a home. Helping buyers see your property at its best is always achieved through staging. For more tips and advice on staging a property for sale, contact Reza today!

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