Selling Your Condo

Choosing a REALTOR
The relationship with your REALTOR is vital to you as a seller, so make sure you choose the right agent that is up to giving 100% commitment to get your property sold and for Top Dollar. Things to consider when choosing a REALTOR is their track record, their knowledge of neighbourhood selling prices, marketing plan and finding someone who will treat the sale of your home as if it were their own. I will be happy to go over the services I offer and track record of record breaking sales.

What to Expect
There are many steps in the selling process and I will guide you along the way. I will provide you with a full explaination of what to expect so you do not face any surprises along the way.

Setting the Price
Pricing Your Condo
The most important part of selling your condo will be pricing it according to market value and market conditions. Being Your REALTOR, I will analyze your condo and compare it to similar units for sale and recent sales in the building. I will also do a broader market analysis using sales statistics and all over market conditions. Choosing an unrealistic price can have damaging effects on the sale of your condo and the overall money in your pocket so it is important to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and what price will get you the end result.

Interested in Selling Your Condo?

If you are interested in selling your condo or would like information on the selling process please call Reza at 416.888.7367 or simply complete the form below.